Workplace mediation

Our daily working lives are greatly enhanced if we get along with our work colleagues, however, sometimes events happens and the dynamics change and tensions emerge. This is where workplace mediation can help.

It is great to get on with those we work with as after all, we spend most of our day with them. Yet the dynamics of achieving and sustaining a positive, supportive relationship with someone who was most likely a stranger until employment thrust you together is complex and can take relatively little to wobble. Disharmony can brood and breed.

Unblocking channels

“Very satisfied by the mediation service provided by Karen Bailey Mediation. The working relationship has been restored. The service was value for money and I would recommend it to colleagues.”

Commissioner of mediation service

“The process was very successful in that it unblocked a communication problem which had been escalating and which neither of us felt able to address. It was really helpful to have a neutral party there to give us a space to be able to speak about what had been happening in a non-confrontational way, and to keep us grounded in reality about practical steps forward. The problem which led to mediation has been completely resolved and our relationship is probably more open now than before.”

Party experiencing mediation

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