Thinking of introducing mediation

Karen Bailey has experience in initiating and introducing mediation services and fully understands the importance and sensitivities of involving all stakeholders; a notable example at NHS East Lancashire. ACAS and Government policy makers have commended the mediation scheme implemented at NHS East Lancashire. This model is now being implemented across 12 NHS organisations in the North West.

Karen Bailey Mediation Services can provide OD interventions and expertise that work in partnership with the professionals in your company to introduce in house mediation:

  • stakeholder engagement
  • raising awareness
  • development of frameworks
  • provision of CPD for mediators.

We are also happy to assist with selecting potential mediators from within your company and provide advice on the necessary training.


NHS East Lancashire Case Study

Karen Bailey set up an internal mediation scheme for NHS East Lancashire. Over an 18 month period, 23 conflicts went to mediation. Of these, 22 concluded in written mediation agreements. This not only equates to a 96% success rate, as a consequence of embracing the scheme, NHS East Lancashire realised an initial cost-saving of £213,753.

Read the full case study.

Mediation resolves the issue

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