Team mediation

A change takes places that has an unintended impact on the team. The team finds itself split into cliques and factions with polarised views. A culture of blame, grievance and counter-grievance starts to develop. Communication goes awry.  Observers, other teams use words such as dysfunctional. Such dysfunction takes an inevitable toll on productivity. The stress on individuals can manifests itself in higher levels of sickness absence. Team mediation can offer a solution.

When a group relationship breaks down, team mediation can be useful as it enables each person involved to explain the conflict as they see it. Karen Bailey Mediation Services will ensure that this is facilitated in a safe environment.

Outcomes of Team Mediation

“The following points have been fed back from co-workers having undergone team mediation:

  • The atmosphere has changed for the better; people are feeling much happier at work
  • Tensions within the team have disappeared
  • Staff don’t listen to rumours/gossip and if they hear anything that concerns/worries them they speak to the team leader on a 1:1
  • Staff feel happier when they have talked things through with the team leader as they feel they are hearing the truth”

Commissioner of mediation service

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