The need for soft skills

Soft skills - how will you hear his voice?

In the light of the Robert Frances report on the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust will HR practitioners find the right balance of ‘achieving targets’ and developing  ‘soft skills?’

The blend of soft skills required to change a culture is complex but one that stands out is the ability to listen and actively listen. Teaching an organization to listen to staff and patients should be an essential skill of all HR practitioners, especially in the NHS.  Sometimes it is easy to say we have listened the real art in listening is demonstrating that we have heard what is being said.

The Inquiry found that morale at the Trust was low, and as heard on the news a number of staff showed a disturbing lack of compassion towards their patients. Staff who spoke out felt ignored and there is strong evidence that many were deterred from doing so through fear and bullying.

I particularly like the quote “People must always come before numbers. Individual patients and their treatment are what really matters. Statistics, benchmarks and action plans are tools not ends in themselves. They should not come before patients and their experiences. This is what must be remembered by all those who design and implement policy for the NHS.”

Do you feel comfortable developing soft skills?

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