Space – do you allow enough time?

Do you leave out the niceties because there isn’t enough time? Do your stop and think allow yourself to ponder?

As I squinted reading the figures on the clock, it slowly dawned on me that the alarm setting I had used was programmed for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – today was Friday! I was late, at least an hour late, and today I was due to mediate.

Fortunately, I had planned to arrive early and have some me time in a gallery to create some space before a joint session.  As I greeted the day with a little more energy than I normally would, I knew that I would lose out on my trip to the gallery, but that I would be in time for the mediation.  I sighed a small sigh of relief. Then I remembered a different work environment where waking up an hour late would have terrible consequences. Back-to-back meetings would all tumble into each other, I would feel fraught and the niceties of life might be completely squeezed out.

The reason I create this space is so that I can develop and retain my ability to be reflexive.  Reflexivity is a skill that gives us the ability to notice our responses to the world around us and to use that knowledge to inform our actions, communications and understanding.  To be reflexive we need to be aware of our personal responses and be able to make choices on how to use them.  Reflexivity is also about being aware of the personal, social and cultural context in which we live and work; to understand how this impacts on the way we interpret our world.

Companies like Google and Gore (as in Gore Tex) allow a percentage of the working week “to dabble” and “to be creative”.

How do you create space in your working day?

What are the consequences of not having the space?