Individual mediation

There are times when a person may feel unable to face their adversary. Alternatively, one person may be prepared to go into mediation but the other person involved in the dispute is unwilling. In these situations, individual mediation through conflict coaching can be used as a viable alternative to the more standard mediation process.

There are cases of workplace dispute in which those in conflict may feel unable to face each other, for what ever reason.  As the mediation  process is a voluntary one, their individual decision has to be respected  conflict coaching can provide an alternative for one or both individuals.

Time to Leave

“The coaching sessions have helped me hugely though. I am now working in a new job and LOVE it.   I would not be where I am now though without the coaching. It made a huge difference. I am so much happier now, even if a little frazzelled!”

Party experiencing mediation

Towards Tolerance

“Karen was tolerant and calm, framed things differently.  I valued how she challenged me to be to behave differently. I am now more tolerant of x (line manager) and changed my approach to being more helpful.”

Party experiencing mediation

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