Workplace mediation in the North of England

Karen Bailey Mediation Services provides workplace mediation (conflict resolution) for colleagues, teams and individuals. When you contract with Karen Bailey Mediation Services, you will have someone who is committed to resolving conflict using the most appropriate interventions for the circumstances.

What our clients say about us

Karen responded very quickly to organise the mediation meeting.

Positive Action

Very Satisfied with the mediation process.

Restoring Balance

The questioning made me think differently about my approach.

Thinking Differently

A practical and solution focused approach to dealing with conflict in the workplace.

Practical Approach

Workplace Mediation

Our daily working lives are greatly enhanced if we get along with our work colleagues, however, sometimes events happens and the dynamics change and tensions emerge. This is where workplace mediation can help.

Information on Workplace Mediation

Individual Mediation

There are times when a person may feel unable to face their adversary. Alternatively, one person may be prepared to go into mediation but the other person involved in the dispute is unwilling.

Information on Individual Mediation

Team Mediation

A change takes places that has an unintended impact on the team. The team finds itself split into cliques and factions with polarised views. A culture of blame, grievance and counter-grievance starts to develop. Communication goes awry.

Information on Team Mediation